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For over 12 years I have taken great joy in enhancing the health and well-being of my friends and clients in offering a wide variety of innovative solutions to assist in healing the body, mind and spirit.

It's fundamentally important to release both physical and emotional pain by treating the body, mind and spirit to achieve the best possible outcome. By employing unique therapies like Body Sculpting Massage, EPFX/SCIO Biofeedback and Life Coaching, I provide my clients with a unique spectrum of treatments not offered in the clinical environment.

So what can I do for you? Why choose my services?

That's simple... Freedom from Pain!!! Whether it be physical pain or emotional pain, the mind and body are inseparable — what effects one influences the other. A balanced treatment plan empowers the mind to heal the body.

My Tools

'BODY SCULPTURING', this unique and highly effective transverse massage treatment repairs painful and debilitating scar tissue. This "deep tissue" therapy relieves pain centres that lie deep within the muscles and encourage the flow of oxygen-rich blood to repair damaged tissue.

'LIFE COACHING,' our mind is the control centre of our body therefore, a change in our mind (beliefs) changes our physical or emotional pain. Our thoughts, whether negative or positive, attract our reality so a change in our thoughts changes this reality. My coaching skills certainly help in the physical and emotional aspects and are also highly effective in releasing addictions, mending relationships, conflicts with children, teens or family members. To complete your mind and body wellness, my nutritional coaching program is vital to improving your overall state of health, mind and spirit.

'EPFX/SCIO BIOFEEDBACK' is the device of the 21st century. Within 25 minutes this advanced diagnostic system will scan over 10,000 stressors in your body providing a clear picture of where to begin in the healing process. NO more guessing, NO more waiting in doctors’ offices, NO more misdiagnoses. This marvel of technology is also effective in the treatment of addictions like cigarette smoking and eating disorders.

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