My Journey


It’s 1964, I’m just a few months old. My mama says I wanted to hug a beggar in the streets.

I’m just a young girl and all I can do is sit on everyone’s lap and hug and kiss them.

I’m a teenager and I’m told I give a great shoulder massage and that I’m much too sensitive.

I’m a mother of two boys at the age of 25 and I never knew that kind of love existed.

I’m a mother again at the age of 29 with my daughter and we became the best of friends and still are.

Finally at the age of 34 I know I want to help others to feel great emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My Journey began as an infant; my career began 12 years ago. My husband is very ill with chronic eczema. My second born son, Keegan has almost died twice before he reached the age of 7. I feel lost as I don’t know what I can do to help these amazing people in my life.

When Keegan was 5 years of age a health book comes into my hands and I discover that disease has much to do with diet and lack of nutrition. I start to apply new foods and supplements to both my son and husband. In just weeks I see an improvement in both.

This really sparked my interest in health.

I found a man in Toronto that taught nutrition and Massage. I asked the late Alex Borsenko how one goes about becoming a nutritionalist. He recommends I take his Deep Tissue Body Sculpturing Course on massage and from there study to be a nutrionalist.

For 5 years I practiced that form of massage along with taking the online nutrition course through an accredited school. In 2005, I completed the 2088 hour Massage Therapy course at another accredited school in Ottawa and opened my own clinic in downtown Bancroft Ontario.

Since then I have been to the Quantum Alliance School in Toronto and am now a certified Biofeedback technician. In 2008, I studied with Jennifer Hough in her “get out of your own way” coaching course as a student and have been blessed to have a natural ability to work with all ages in assisting in helping them shift from feeling victim to feeling self empowered.