I have no hesitancy about recommending Lorie Bird as a profound healing and skilled Massage Practitioner. I have had many massages in my lifetime and Lorie stands at the top of that list in terms of her effectiveness with my long standing injuries. I experience a deep relaxation and relief from pain; a relief that lingers long after her work. Lorie's deep intuition gives her a capacity for attunement to my body and its particular needs that few practitioners have been able to demonstrate. She has a thorough and technical knowledge of this Body Sculpturing approach to massage that has been a gift to me. I have been a client of Lorie's for many years, have unhesitatingly recommended her to my friends and colleagues who have all shared in my satisfaction. I consider myself fortunate to have found such a gifted practitioner.

Dr. Catherine Comuzzi
Psychotherapist, Professor Toronto Ontario

I first experienced Deep Body Sculpturing with Lorie about six months ago. I have been a chronic neck and back pain sufferer for many years, subsequently, I have tried a variety of therapies and self-help techniques, in an attempt to alleviate some of my discomforts. Although I have experienced some occasional short-term relief, nothing has been as effective as Lorie's treatments. Her technique involves so much more then one might expect from professional massage. Not only does she provide effective relief of muscle pain and tension, but Lorie also facilitates an overall holistic healing experience that is spiritual, and calming. From my very first session with Lorie, she has put her heart and soul into her work. Each time I left her, I felt a sense of weightlessness. The tension left my face and my world became lighter. I will not forget the genuine conversations, and helpful pain and stress management teachings and the truly therapeutic massage experience that I had with Lorie. Lorie will continue to go on in her career, to help others like me. Thanks Lorie!

Anna Green
Occupational Therapist Masters in Rehabilitation Toronto Ontario

About five years ago I was hit head on by a cube van on my way to work. Although I was lucky to be alive, I indented the dashboard with my knees and bent the steering wheel with the impact of my teeth and jaws, sustaining displaced and broken teeth, damage to my jaw and total soft tissue damage. All this very shortly after cancer surgery and radiation treatment.
Before seeing Lorie, I was treated by jaw specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and Massage Therapists. All avenues I pursued brought improvement until I finally reached a plateau that the present treatments were not overcoming.
I began seeing Lorie about a year ago. Professionals believed that the remaining difficulties were permanent. I was still constantly in pain; my left knee remained swollen; I could not turn my head to safely back up the car; I could not write a letter without my hand tiring and shaking; my upper back was constantly rigid, tight and swollen, my jaw was in constant stress-so much so that several times I lost bits of my teeth when it clamped shut at night; I could walk only short distances; and I had limited movement in my left shoulder.
Lorie's technique took me over that plateau. Her technique has brought greater mobility to my left shoulder, stabilized my knee, reduced the tension and constant rigidity in my upper back, decreased the stress in my jaw and lowered the pain intensity and frequency.
Lorie has helped me regain my life as I can once again walk, write and pursue sports such as curling and horse back riding.
Independent support of Lorie's technique occurred when I went to see my surgeon for my annual cancer check-up. He examined me with a puzzled expression, then excused himself to check his notes from the year before. When he returned, he expressed great amazement. He could find no sign of extensive scar tissue he had recorded the year before. Because of Lorie's treatment, the area is now soft with the feel of normal skin, muscle and tissue tone.
Lorie has always exhibited caring, friendliness and willingness to listen to both my words and my body as she has provided the care that has brought such improvement to my life.

Darlene O'farrell
Retired School Teacher, Bancroft Ont